Recipe For Success: Build The Team Then Add The Quarterback

The 2012 NFL Draft is not until April but that has not stopped the buzz around who will trade up to get Robert Griffin III. He has done nothing but impress so far and the value to trade up to get him has sky rocketed. It looks like there will be no other scenario besides trading with St. Louis at #2 to grab this potential franchise quarterback. The Redskins had been rumored willing to trade this years first, second and third round along with 2013’s first round pick to move up to get him. This would force the Browns to give up the #4, #22, second round and third round picks to get RG(cubed). Four picks on one player. Four potential starters for a franchise quarterback. To me it makes no sense and this is why.

Free agency has not yet started but when it does the Browns should be making some moves. At the very least they can be expected to grab an experienced wide receiver. It would be Christmas in March if they added two wide receivers, some offensive linemen, a linebacker and cornerback. If they do not use their franchise tag or resign Peyton Hillis bringing in a RB would be a priority as well. If free agency is taken full advantage of this year, as management as hinted it will add this vital piece of the puzzle to the equation this year, the Browns will have a lot more room in the draft. Free agency however, is another article all together.

Trading all four picks to get RGIII is fine and dandy but that will not result in the playoffs or even a .500 record. Look at Carolina, they got a great QB in the draft, he put up huge numbers, but they only won 6 games because they did not have a complete team. The defense could not hold the other team from scoring and the offensive was run on Cam Newton carrying them to the goal line every drive. The below scenario sets up the Browns to one, assess fairly and honestly the quarterback talent that Colt McCoy and Seneca Wallace have and two, if those two are not able to run an NFL team to the playoffs puts the Browns in a position to bring in a QB through the draft in 2013 that comes into a more complete team.

In free agency at the very least the Browns need to bring in one wide receiver and one offensive lineman. In the draft I can see a team trading up to the #2 spot from the Rams and grabbing RGIII. The price tag will be way to steep for the Browns to pay and they will sit tight. While everyone moans and whines that we didn’t get RGIII the Browns will be busy working a trade. They trade down to the Rams at #6 or where ever they are sitting so that the Rams can come back up and grab Justin Blackmon giving the Browns more picks. The Browns then pick up Claiborne or Coples with their first pick, a wide receiver with their second (#22) and use their second round pick to grab an offensive lineman. This scenario brings the possibility of the Rams trading the Browns a 2013 first rounder to move up giving the Browns the necessary weapons to move up next year to get the QB they desire once a team has been built to add them too.

If this years draft and free agency go well the Browns could have a top defense and a much improved offense to add a QB to in 2013. Look, I get it, people want the Browns to win NOW, so do I but I also want them to win for the next ten plus years and building a team through the draft is the best way to accomplish that. Giving up four picks for one player really sets you back another year in accomplishing that goal.

Everyone wants their QB today but this year probably isn’t the year you are going to get him. Free agency offers little help.

Peyton Manning only has three or four years left in the league and that is if he recovers from four next surgeries. Joe Montana actually took the Chiefs to the AFC Championship his first year (1993) with the Chiefs, but do you really think Manning could take this squad with their wide receiver corp to the playoffs let alone the AFC Championship? Who would be our Reggie Wayne or Pierre Garcon? Maybe he does get us to the playoffs but earlier I mentioned and was serious about a long term winning streak. Peyton is a short term solution. By the time we get our team built up for Peyton he will be coaching.

Matt Flynn is an exciting prospect. Please see Matt Cassel and Kevin Kolb’s contributions to incomplete teams after excelling on teams with a solid foundation. Do you really think Colt McCoy couldn’t win games with Green Bays players and system? This doesn’t seem to be the answer.

Pretty much every other quarterback that will be available would be brought in for competition and then watching from the bench. Mainly because the offense isn’t set to bring in “The Guy” yet. Lets build up this team, create a solid foundation and if McCoy can’t handle it we get “The Guy” in 2013. Matt Barkley has a nice ring but I am sure the hype machines will have a few other guys available as well.



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2 Responses to Recipe For Success: Build The Team Then Add The Quarterback

  1. The Sportologist says:

    I’m glad i’m not the only one who was thinking this. We need to give Colt some talent to properly evaluate him. What’s the point of giving up all of our picks to put a guy that’s a rookie on the same team a 2nd or 3 year player would struggle with? I would be excited to see RGIII in Browns uniform but not at the cost that it would take.

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