Wide Out Corp in Desperate Need of Makeover

Greg Little, Mohamed Massaquoi, Josh Cribbs and Carlton Mitchell are the current starters listed for the Cleveland Browns at the wide receiver position. That adds up to 1642 yards and 8 touchdowns. Just to put that into perspective, Detroit’s Calvin Johnson pulled in 1681 yards and 16 touchdowns. Needless to say the Browns need help at wide receiver. The question is where will that help come from. Free agency seems to be the logical choice with so many top notch wide receivers ready to hit the market March 13th.

Keep Dreaming: There are some players on the market that get fans really excited but when reality settles in there is little to no chance the Browns are in the market for these players.

DeSean Jackson: There has been speculation that the Browns would be able to add DeSean Jackson due to the loose association that the Browns current GM, Tom Heckert, drafted him. Reality is the Eagles will either resign him or use their franchise tag to keep this talented young wideout on their roster.

Dwayne Bowe: Here is another talent that will be secured with the use of a franchise tag. Although I have him at the bottom of the “Keep Dreaming” wide receivers available. In my free agency dream Bowe comes to the party last and I never even notice he is there until he is leaving back to KC.

Marques Colston: By far my favorite of the “Keep Dreaming” receivers. He shows up to my house party and I somehow get him to do a shots with me. However I annoy the shit out of him with my talk of the pre-NFL championships and my comparisons to him and Webster Slaughter and he heads back to Mardi Gras for a bigger less annoying party scene.

Wes Welker and Reggie Wayne: Sorry but unless Tom Brady or Peyton Manning are wearing Brown and Orange in 2012 these guys won’t be scoring any touchdowns as a Brown anytime soon.

Don’t Want Them

Laurent Robinson: A third round pick from 1997, I am not ready to jump on the band wagon after one good season. I feel the talent currently on the team can take care of that third wide receiver spot while we focus on more consistent talent.

Mario Manningham: Again, great year but the Browns need talent to take over the squad and lead the other guys at the wide receiver position. I am not confident a guy who followed behind two other guys in 2011 is ready to step out of the shadows longer than it takes to cash that big check.

Mike Wallace: Not sure that bringing in the enemy is really the level to sink to here. The Steelers will probably work something out to get this guy back for 2012 and I would rather see Haden crush him over the middle than see a back fire in a player from the other side.

Vincent Jackson: I have seen the way he acted when he did not get his way in the past. My advice, stay out of Cleveland because the cops are dieing to collect cash from rich athletes boozing and cruising the city.

Already Had Them: This is just a fun little jab at guys driving fancy cars that Randy Lerner bought them. Braylon Edwards and Donte Stallworth, you are welcome but you are not welcome back. Good day!

That’s What I’m Talking About…

Robert Meachem: Here is a young talent who has learned from one of the best in Brees and has the knowledge to spread among a crop of young wide receivers. He would demand some money but nothing like his counterpart in New Orleans, Marques Colston. I think this would be a great addition and possible #1 wideout for the Browns.

Pierre Garcon: Garcon put up 947 yards and pulled in 6 touchdowns while sharing the field with Reggie Wayne while Peyton Manning was out in 2011. His last three years in the league have been consistent and he has again learned from one of the best combos in Manning and Wayne how to play the position in the NFL. Garcon on the Browns would be an excellent addition and spread the field for the rest of the offense.

Danny Amendola: While a restricted free agent, if the Rams do not put a tender of 2nd or 1st round on him he main be available. I can see him worth a low cost risk if the Browns can sign him without a tender attachment. Coming off an injured elbow in 2011, Amendola could have a lot of upside for little compensation and be a solid fixture at the #2 wide receiver position.

Draft: Lastly the 2012 NFL Draft has a good crop of options coming out in the first two rounds. It just so happens that the Browns have several picks in the first four rounds that could be used to grab some talent in this depleted position. Regardless of our draft results if a veteran free agent has not been added at wide receiver the growing pains could make for another rough year for whoever plays quarter back for the Browns in 2012.


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2 Responses to Wide Out Corp in Desperate Need of Makeover

  1. joshua says:

    oh man cleveland dude, it would be pretty sweet to lock up garcon and be able to add amendola too. i am afraid of RFA’s cause I don’t know what has to happen to get them, I just know it scares me. if we could do that though, i’d probably dance a little.

    • For restricted free agents the team offers them a tender. Depending on the tender is what another team has to give up in terms of draft picks to take the player from the team at a higher pay. Here is the breakdown for Amendola.

      First right of refusal/original round: $1.26 million

      Second round: $1.927 million

      First round: $2.742 million

      The CBA did away with the old 1st and 3rd round tender system.

      Amendola was an undrafted free agent picked up in 2008 by the Cowboys so I am assuming unless the Rams offer him $1.927mill they won’t be getting anything from other teams as compensation. It is a wait and see situation.

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