Draft Day Excitement Continues…

There are a lot of ideas going around of what the Browns might do in the 2012 NFL Draft with picks #4 and #22 in the first round. One thing is for sure, the Browns front office is being vague at best when it comes to who they are targeting.

Head Coach Pat Shurmur added some speculation to what might happen when he made these comments. “We have some flexibility. We have a lot of picks, and a lot of the experts think that they might be valuable, so we’ll see. I think we need to approach this thing from a position of strength and do what we can to make our roster better, so that’s how we’ll approach it.”

However you want to read that be my guest. Lets see what everyone else would choose to do given the same circumstances.


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One Response to Draft Day Excitement Continues…

  1. NeilStein says:

    Browns are going to do whatever it takes to get RGIII. I hope so at least!

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