If Browns Want RG(Cubed) No Need To Trade Up, Plus More Draft Talk

Seems like everyone from the Media to local fans are clawing and scratching to get Robert Griffin III in the 2012 NFL Draft. They are so caught up in the draft hype that comes around every March that they are more than willing to give up the Browns first two or three rounds worth of picks to get the “next best thing”  to come out of the draft.

A source for the Browns has now revealed they are not currently willing to give up the #22 pick in the draft. At this point it is a chess game and I think if Griffin is their target, the Browns can land a check mate with the right moves.

It has been assumed the Browns have the upper hand over other teams interested in trading up for Robert Griffin III. First off they have the highest pick (#4) out of the competing teams and second they have two first round picks (#22). I believe they can get away with not having to even trade for the pick and here is how.

The Browns can trump any offer the other teams make so they can essentially hold the Rams hostage with the prospect of a better package. If not until the draft at least until some of the competition clears. If Manning is let go I can see the Redskins(#6) and Cardinals(#13) making a real push for his services. If the Redskins land Manning then the Rams may not be willing to trade down that far in the first round and the over all price tag may scare away Arizona. Then if Matt Flynn lands in Miami(#8) that really leaves Seattle(#12) as the only competition. The Rams may decide no package is worth landing a franchise quarterback to a division rival and just take their player at #2 with Blackmon or Kalil. This leaves the possibility that RG(cubed) slips to the Browns in the draft.

This was my initial thought in December, that the first three off the board would be Luck, Kalil and Blackmon. Back then, before the hype, I was pretty excited about this prospect. Not because we could grab a great QB to place on an empty offense, no I was excited because the power to trade down would be ours. We would be able to grab a #1 pick in the 2013 draft along with possible 2nd or 3rd round picks to add to our endless list of needs. Now that I have lost you all I will go onto the wish list of needs. A list of things we really need on the Browns that could be found with the three or four picks so many of you are hoping the Browns trade for RGIII.


Two Wide Receivers, Right Tackle, Running Back, Cornerback, Linebacker and maybe even a Defensive Lineman.

Tell you what, take care of that list and you can trade what every you want for RG(Next three years worth of picks) but until then adding a “franchise rookie” isn’t going to get us very far. Unless you like 6 win seasons but if that is the case why not just start cheering for the Panthers.

My Wish List Draft (This is not taking into account additions in free agency or trading the #4 pick up or down, this is based on the team as it currently stands)

#4 – Morris Claiborne – CB LSU – While the Browns definitely need to start working on the offensive side of the ball in the draft, Claiborne helps solidify the progress that has been made defensively over the past two years. This move would allow Sheldon Brown to move over to Safety and create one of the toughest backfields in the NFL with Joe Haden and T.J. Ward leading the cause.

#22 – Kendall Wright – WR Baylor – The Browns have one of the worst groups of wide receivers in the NFL. Hopefully going into the draft the Browns have picked up at least one veteran wideout to help lead a new group into 2012. Kendall Wright would be a great addition to the Browns to learn along with Greg Little from a veteran free agency addition. Wide receiver is definitely an area of huge concern, what better place to round out the position than the #22 overall pick in the draft.

#37 – Mike Adams – OT Ohio State – The right side of the line was a revolving door in 2011 and the Browns need someone to slam that door shut! Mike Adams would be the classic hometown player hailing from Dublin, OH and attending The Ohio State University in the heart of Columbus. The Browns may need to trade up to grab him but they do have 7 picks including this one left at this point in the draft so I am sure a deal can be worked out.

As for the 3rd through 7th round picks, it would be great if in two years we had two or three solid starters out of these picks. Since the Browns return in 1999 the only solid starter that jumps out to me after the second round in Andra Davis, LB from Florida drafted in the 5th round in 2002. If you think I missed someone check the list here and leave a comment.




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4 Responses to If Browns Want RG(Cubed) No Need To Trade Up, Plus More Draft Talk

  1. The Sportologist says:

    Very nice post… had to follow you after a write up like that. I hope it does go down how you forcasted it! keep writing!

  2. Rubin is the first player that comes to mind (6th round). But you’re absolutely correct. Vickers was also a late round steal (6th round), it’s too bad he’s not around anymore.

  3. joshua says:

    Theres some other guys, imo, that would be great fits for OT at #37 if Mike Adams was off the board. Zebrie Sanders and Massie are both highly ranked and could be great choices for RT. I also like the idea of a DE in the first 3 picks. good article dude

  4. Josh Cox says:


    My thoughts on the matter: “What if the Browns decide not to trade for RG3?”

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