Hope for a Wide Receiver in Free Agency, Not Much More

Quote of the day by Tom Heckert. “We’re not going to go crazy in free agency. We’re not going to do it,” Browns general manager Tom Heckert told Cleveland reporters last week. “You look throughout history. I know Green Bay didn’t sign one free agent when they won two years ago. I don’t think the Giants signed anybody, or at least anybody you’ve ever heard of, as a free agent. You don’t win football games by signing a bunch of free agents. You just don’t.”

Read it, think about it and understand this is how the Browns have and will continue to rebuild this team! It is the mantra they introduced in 2010 and they have stuck with it. Don’t fall victim to the ESPN AFC North Blog, Clevelands 92.3 The Fan or the Plain Dealers Mary Kay Cabot pretending anything else will happen while they make up fantasy moves the Browns will never make. If you are disappointed look back to the 2006 season where we signed a rash of free agents including LeCharles Bentley and Willie McGinest. The Browns went 4-12 that season and LeCharles Bentley’s career was during the offseason before he saw one snap as a Browns player. Or go back to 2008 when all the buzz was about picking up Corey Williams, Shaun Rogers and Donte Stallworth. How did that one work out? Well, Stallworth ended up killing a guy and the Browns only managed a 4-12 record.

If you still aren’t eased at the idea that the Browns will only be bringing in one or two low level guys to fill holes, if you can’t see the Super Bowl winning teams follow this doctrine to success and refuse to acknowledge the Browns own history with seasons after signing huge names to huge contracts, well then I am not sure what to say to you. In 2010, Tom and Mike’s first year running the Browns, they signed Scott Fujita and Tony Pashos to fill some holes. Just be prepared to see similar level players coming in from this free agency’s crop of players.


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