Pre Draft Jitters

Well the 2012 NFL Draft is but hours away and I wanted to throw out my final thoughts on what I as a fan and a realist would like to see the Browns do with this years draft.

First off no quarterbacks in the first two round please. I know it is tempting but the Browns should add some offensive weapons before trying to get a conductor make the 5th grade band sound like a Philharmonic Orchestra. If we grab a guy like Kirk Cousins in a later round to add depth and competition that wouldn’t be a bad move. Lets start with the #4 pick.

First it was RGIII now Trent Richardson. If we waited another month it would be another talented man as the “must grab” player. The “can’t miss” or “sure thing”. Lets go with the odds of history. The odds say more players drafted in the first two rounds start over players drafted in rounds 3 to 7. Look at the Browns draft history since 1999 and Tom Heckert’s draft history with the Eagles and you will see this is true. With so many holes on offense and visible proof that the team is improving in terms of wins it makes sense to turn that one starter at #4 into two starters by trading down in the first round, picking up a second round pick this year and possibly adding a first rounder in 2013. This is precisely why I was against trading up for RG(cubed) in the first place. Those extra picks will be running backs, wide receivers, linemen and in 2013 if it proves that Colt McCoy does not have what it takes possibly another quarterback.

As much speculation as there is out there on a trade, the Eagles were last weeks theory and the Bills and Jets are this weeks, I want to throw out my top 10 picks and what the Browns may do with #22 and #37 picks.

Top 10

1 – Andrew Luck QB – Indianapolis Colts

2 – Robert Griffin III QB – Washington Redskins

3 – Matt Kalil OT – Minnesota Vikings

4 – Justin Blackmon WR – St. Louis Rams via trade with Cleveland Browns

5 – Trent Richardson RB – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

6 – Morris Claiborne CB- Cleveland Browns (While I know this may not be a popular pick you have to look at the big picture here. The Browns can fill one more hole in the defense which is near completion with Claiborne on the other side of Joe Haden. They would also likely get the #33 or #39 pick from St. Louis to make this trade. This could be another potential starter on the offensive side of the ball. At the end of the day if they stayed at #4 and grabbed Trent Richardson I would not be upset with that move.)

7 – Mark Barron S – Jacksonville Jaguars

8 – Ryan Tannehill QB- Miami Dolphins

9 – Quinton Coples DE- Carolina Panthers

10 – Fletcher Cox DT – Buffalo Bills

With the #22 picks I would love to see the Browns target Riley Reiff even if they have to move up a few spots to get him. If he is not available the best available lineman would be my go to in this spot.

With the #37 pick in the second round I would like to see the Browns target a WR. Alshon Jeffery would be a nice grab here to compliment Greg Little.

With all the holes on the offensive side of the ball and the lack of movement in free agency there is only one thing I am really hoping for in this years draft. STARTERS! I think if the Browns miss in the later rounds, 3 through 7, that is what will really hurt them this year. The Browns have to hit on one or two players that make an impact this year to be able to add wins this season. It is going to take two years to put the offense together but with 13 picks in this years draft they need to make a huge leap with the players they choose!

(Check back throughout the draft for thoughts on what choices the Browns make.)


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